Error codes

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Error codes

If you get an error code when making an API call, you'll find more information on what it means and how to resolve it below.

Error code Message Explanation
001.00.001 error.invalid.value Invalid value.
001.00.002 error.url.invalid.value URL not supplied or has invalid length - it should be between 3 and 45 characters.
001.00.003 error.url.invalid.profanity This URL is unacceptable.
001.00.004 error.invalid.path Invalid Path: There is no resource for path.
001.00.005 Invalid search order. Please provide A or D.
001.00.006 Row limit exceeded, see additional details for maximum rows allowed.
001.00.007 Unexpected sort field name provided, see additional details for valid options.
001.00.008 error.system.exception An internal error occurred servicing your request. Please try again, and if the problem persists, contact Virgin Money Giving.
001.00.009 error.customcode.invalid.profanity Custom code contains unacceptable phrase.
001.00.010 error.url.invalid.unavailable This URL is unavailable. Please select an alternative URL.
001.00.011 error.invalid.input.type The data type of an input value is incorrect. Please provide the correct type. Refer to developer documentation for more details.
001.01.001 The length of the search name is incorrect.
001.01.002 No matching charity found for the supplied search criteria.
001.01.003 Invalid charity resource ID.
001.01.004 Missing charity resource ID, please provide a valid charity ID.
001.01.005 No fundraiser pages found for the charity.
001.02.001 error.fundraiser.invalid.resourceid Fundraiser resource ID not supplied.
001.02.002 Page ID not supplied.
001.02.003 Invalid page ID supplied.
001.02.004 No fundraiser page found for the supplied search criteria.
001.02.005 Could not retrieve country code details.
001.02.006 Could not retrieve activity type details.
001.02.007 No addresses found for postcode supplied.
001.02.008 error.fundraiser.customcodes.none.provided No fundraiser custom codes provided.
001.02.009 Fundraiser resource ID not supplied.
001.02.010 Search surname must be at least 3 characters long.
001.02.011 No fundraiser found for the supplied search criteria.
001.02.012 No search criteria provided.
002.01.01 error.create.fundraiser.null No fundraiser details provided.
002.01.02 Cannot create fundraiser account - no details supplied.
002.01.03 Country code is invalid.
002.01.04 error.create.fundraiser.url.empty Title is invalid.
002.01.05 error.create.fundraiser.url.length Fundraiser URL not supplied.
002.01.06 error.create.fundraiser.surname.length Surname is invalid. Please provide a value up to 50 characters.
002.01.07 error.create.fundraiser.forename.length Forename is invalid. Please provide a value up to 50 characters.
002.01.08 error.create.fundraiser.title.invalid An account cannot be created if the terms and conditions are not accepted.
002.01.09 Email addresses must be up to 255 characters.
002.01.10 Email address format is invalid.
002.01.11 Please provide a valid phone number.
002.01.12 A valid phone number up to 16 digits must be provided.
002.01.13 error.create.fundraiser.dob.missing Please provide a date of birth in YYYYMMDD format.
002.01.14 error.create.fundraiser.dob.invalid Please provide a valid date of birth in YYYYMMDD format.
002.01.15 error.create.fundraiser.age.range Fundraiser age should be between 13 and 100 years.
002.01.16 error.create.address.postcode.exceeds.length Postcode should not exceed 8 characters.
002.01.17 error.create.address.postcode.badformat The postcode must be in one of the Royal mail prescribed formats.
002.01.18 error.create.fundraiser.terms.not.accepted Team URL exists. Please select another.
002.01.19 error.create.address.invalid Please provide the first line of address and the town or city name.
002.01.20 Fundraiser URL is invalid. Please provide a value up to 60 characters.
002.01.21 A valid charity resource ID must be provided if creating custom codes.
002.01.22 Please provide up to 5 valid custom codes.
002.01.23 A maximum of 5 custom codes are allowed.
002.01.24 error.create.fundraiser.event.not.published Event not published.
002.01.25 error.create.fundraiser.event.expired Event has expired.
002.01.26 error.create.fundraiser.event.max.charities.reached Maximum number of charities has been reached.
002.01.27 error.create.fundraiser.event.fee.based Event is fee-based.
002.01.28 error.create.fundraiser.event.limit.reached Event limit has been reached.
002.01.29 error.create.fundraiser.event.closed Event closed.
002.01.30 Event charity split mismatch.
002.01.31 error.create.fundraiser.account.exists A Virgin Money Giving account already exists for the given email address and date of birth.
003.01.01 Fundraiser team name must be provided for a team page.
003.01.02 Fundraising team name exceeds maximum length.
003.01.03 Fundraising team URL exceeds maximum length.
003.01.04 No page details supplied.
003.01.05 A valid page title up to 45 characters is required.
003.01.06 A fundraising date is not expected for an organised event.
003.01.07 Please provide a valid fundraising date.
003.01.08 Please provide a valid fundraising date in the future.
003.01.09 Please enter Y or N to indicate if this is a team page.
003.01.10 Please provide a valid team name of up to 60 characters.
003.01.11 Please provide a valid team URL of up to 100 characters.
003.01.12 Please provide at least one charity for this fundraising page.
003.01.13 The maximum number of charity allowed has been exceeded.
003.01.14 Charity resource ID missing for split percent.
003.01.15 The fundraising split does not equal 100 percent.
003.01.16 The post event fundraising interval is invalid - must be between 1 to 36 months.
003.01.17 Please tell us if a charity has contributed to your page.
003.01.18 Please enter Y or N for this value.
003.01.19 A description is required for an activity type 'Other'.
003.01.20 Selected charity does not match event charity.
003.01.21 One or more charity selected is invalid. Please re-check.
003.01.22 Please provide a valid activity code.
003.01.23 Please provide either an organised event resource ID OR activity details.
003.01.24 This team name is unacceptable.
004.01.01 Please provide at least one of event name or event date.
004.01.02 The length of the event search name is incorrect.
004.01.03 Please provide a valid event date in YYYYMM format.
004.01.04 No matching events found for your search criteria.
004.01.05 Invalid event ID. Please provide a valid event resource ID.
004.01.06 No fundraiser pages found for the event.