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Event fundraisers

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Event fundraisers

This API provides a list of fundraisers who have set up a fundraising page for the event resource ID passed. By adding the sort parameters given below, this API can be customised, e.g. to return the top 10 fundraisers by donation value.

If you have access to the event package then you just need to pass just the event resource ID. This API will then list all fundraisers linked to the event via their page.

If you have access to the charity package you need to pass an event resource ID and your charity resource ID. The data returned is restricted to your specific charity for the event.

Results pages

As it's possible for a large number of fundraisers to be fundraising for an event, we restrict the amount of data returned by each API. The numRecords parameter determines the maximum number of rows to return on each call. If this isn't passed then the system default (20) is used. To help you move through the dataset the response contains navigation links below.

Result sorting

The sort order and amount of data returned can be controlled by the following parameters:

  • sortOrder - determines the sequence the data is returned in, ascending (A) or descending (D).
  • sortField - determines which field to sort on.
  • numRecords - determines the number of records to return on each page.
  • startRecordNum - is the record number of the first record to return.

The parameter's case must be the same as detailed above.

So if an event's top 10 fundraisers (or a charity's top 10 for an event) were required, the following parameters should be set:

  • sortOrder=D
  • sortField=donationTotalGA
  • numRecords=10


Operation type: GET

Call with defaults passed for event package users:

Call with defaults passed for charity package users:


E.g. call to provide top 10 fundraisers for an event:

Parameter Required Data type Description
eventResourceId True Varchar(36) This is the reference that uniquely identifies the event.
charityResourceId False Varchar(36) This is the reference that uniquely identifies the charity.
sortOrder False Varchar(1) This is the sort order of the response. Allowable values are:
A for ascending
D for descending (the default).
sortField False Varchar(30)

This is the field on which to sort. Allowable entries:

donationTotalGA (the default)

numRecords False Int(3) This is the number of entries to return for a call of the API. The default is 20 records, the maximum is 100.
startRecordNum False Bigint(20) This is the first record number used when paging through the data.
api_key True Varchar (24) This is your key that allows you access to the VMG APIs.


OutcomeFurther information
  • Status 200: OK

Page details, in the following format:

  • Fundraiser's title
  • Fundraiser's first name
  • Fundraiser's surname
  • Fundraiser resource ID i.e. /fundraisers/v1/account/{fundraiser resource ID}
  • Page name
  • Page URL i.e http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl={fundraiser url}&pageUrl={page number}
  • Page closed indicator
  • Event name
  • Event resource ID
  • Activity description
  • Activity date
  • Team page / name

If the page is for a team, the following repeats for each team member:

  • Member title
  • Member first name
  • Member surname
  • Member URI

Page details continued:

  • URL to fundraiser images
  • Donation total (net)
  • Gift Aid amount
  • Donation total (inc. Gift Aid)
  • Offline amount
  • Total raised (inc. Gift Aid and offline amount)
  • Number of donations
  • Target amount
  • Offline amount

Charity details:

  • Charity name(s)

Event Package users should also be aware that an alternative version of this API is also available, which includes all of the above information and details about the categorisation(s) that the charity belongs to.

Click here for details about the Event fundraisers with charity categorisation API.


Sample error:

If no matching event details are found then the following is returned:

  • Error code: 004.01.04
  • Error message: No matching events found for your search criteria

Click here for a full list of API error codes.

Response description

ParameterData typeDescription
fundraiserName Varchar(122) This is the title, first and last name of the fundraiser.
title Varchar(20) This is the title of the fundraiser – Mr, Mrs etc.
forename Varchar(50) The first name of the fundraiser.
surname Varchar(50) The last name of the fundraiser.
resourceId Varchar(36) This is the resource id of the fundraiser.
fundraiserURI Varchar(100) This is the API link to the fundraiser in the VMG system. For use with the fundraiser details API.
pageName Varchar(45) The name of the page the fundraiser has given it.
pageUrl Varchar(45) The name of the page the fundraiser has given it.
pageClosedInd Varchar(1) An indicator 'Y' or 'N' informing whether the page is closed. A closed page can not collect donations but it can be accessed by the fundraiser who owns the page.
eventName Varchar(255) If the page has been set up for an organised event, e.g. the Virgin Money London Marathon, this is the name of the event on the VMG system.
eventResourceId Varchar(255) If the page is for an event this is the event's resource ID.
activityDescription Varchar(255) This is the description of the fundraising activity.
activityDate Datetime This is the date the fundraising event or activity is taking place.
teamPage Varchar(10) This is set to ‘true’ for team pages and ‘false’ for individual pages.
teamName Varchar(45) The name of the fundraising team.
teamMembers Varchar(1024) The names of the fundraisers in the team.
pageImageSmall Varchar(100) This is the link to the small fundraiser image.
pageImageMedium Varchar(100) This is the link to the medium fundraiser image.
pageImageLarge Varchar(100) This is the link to the large fundraiser image.
donationTotalNet Decimal(19,2) This is the donation total for the page, excluding Gift Aid and any offline donation amount.
totalGiftAid Decimal(19,2) This is the Gift Aid amount applied to the page.
donationTotalGA Decimal(19,2) This is the donation total including Gift Aid and excluding any offline donation amount.
offlineAmount Decimal(19,2) This is the total amount of donations that have not gone through the fundraising page but have been collected elsewhere.
donationTotalGross Decimal(19,2) This is the donation total for the page, including Gift Aid and any offline donation amount.
numberOfDonations Int(10) This is a count of the donations that have been applied to the page.
targetAmount Decimal(19,2) This is the amount the fundraiser is hoping to raise.
Charity details, the following repeats for each charity:
name Varchar(150) This is the name of the charity the page is fundraising for.

Navigation links

The response also contains navigation links.

To prevent excessive load on our servers this API returns pages of data rather than the complete data set. To aid you in retrieving data this API returns the following navigation links:

rel="first" This is the link to the first page of data.
rel="prev" This is the link to the last page of data that was returned.
rel="next" This is the link to the next page of data.
rel="last" This is the link to the last page of data.

Example links:


http://api.virginmoneygiving.com/events/v1/account/6ec5ad6c-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e/pages/?startRecordNum=1&numRecords=20>; rel="prev"

http://api.virginmoneygiving.com/events/v1/account/6ec5ad6c-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e/pages/?startRecordNum=22&numRecords=20>; rel="next"

http://api.virginmoneygiving.com/events/v1/account/6ec5ad6c-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e/pages/?startRecordNum=-1&numRecords=20>; rel="last"

XML response example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <fundraiserName>Mr John Smith</fundraiserName>
                <pageName>John Smith’s Fundraising Page </pageName>
                <eventName>Test Event</eventName>
                        <name>Test Charity</name>

JSON response example

    "message": null,
    "fundraiserDetails": [{
        "fundraiserName": "Mr John Smith",
        "title": "Mr",
        "forename": "John",
        "surname": "Smith",
        "resourceId": "63533dbe-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e",
        "personalUrl": null,
        "fundraiserURI": "https://api.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraisers/v1/account/63533dbe-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e",
        "pageDetails": [{
            "pageName": "John Smith’s Fundraising Page",
            "pageUrl": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=JohnSmith&pageUrl=2",
            "pageClosedIndicator": "N",
            "eventName": "Test Event",
            "eventResourceId": "6f06c5d6-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e",
            "activityDescription": null,
            "activityDate": "20130819",
            "teamPage": false,
            "teamName": null,
            "teamMembers": [],
            "pageImageSmall": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/74x9266e08d3f-402c-4e98-b9be-f6eccf2ec5b4.jpg",
            "pageImageMedium": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/100x10066e08d3f-402c-4e98-b9be-f6eccf2ec5b4.jpg",
            "pageImageLarge": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/167x18766e08d3f-402c-4e98-b9be-f6eccf2ec5b4.jpg",
            "donationTotalNet": 0.00,
            "totalGiftAid": 0.00,
            "donationTotalGA": 0.00,
            "offlineAmount": 0.00,
            "donationTotalGross": 0.00,
            "numberOfDonations": 0,
            "targetAmount": 2450.00,
            "charityDetails": [{
                "name": "Test Charity"