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Fundraiser search

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Fundraiser search

This API is for searching for fundraisers using their name. The search takes two parameters, one for the surname (which is mandatory) and one for the forename (which is optional). The surname must be at least 3 characters long and up to 100 fundraisers can be returned.

The search returns fundraisers in the following order:

  1. Fundraiser that matches the forename and surname.

  2. Fundraisers that match the surname and where the forename starts with the characters passed.

  3. Fundraisers where the surname and the forename start with the characters passed.


Operation type: GET

Parameter Required Data type Description
surname True Varchar(50) This is the full or starting characters for the surname.
forename False Varchar(50) This is the full or starting characters for the forename.
api_key True Varchar (24) This is your key that allows you access to the VMG APIs.


Outcome Further information
  • Status 200: OK

Sample error:

If no search results exist then the following is returned:

  • Error code: 001.02.011
  • Error message: No fundraiser found for surname={surname}

Click here for a full list of API error codes.

Response description

Data item Data type Description
fundraiserName Varchar(122) This is the title, first and last name of the fundraiser.
title Varchar(20) This is the title of the fundraiser – Mr, Mrs etc.
forename Varchar(50) The first name of the fundraiser.
surname Varchar(50) The last name of the fundraiser.
resourceId Varchar(36) This is the resource ID of the fundraiser.
fundraiserURI Varchar(45) This is the URL link to the fundraiser in the VMG system.
personalUrl Varchar(100) This is the link to the fundraiser details API.

XML response example

        <fundraiserName>Mrs Mel Test</fundraiserName>

JSON response example

              "fundraiserName": "Mrs Mel Test",
              "title": "Mrs",
              "forename": "Mel",
              "surname": "Test",
              "resourceId": "04c02572-8d5f-11e2-ad62-005056a8589d",
              "personalUrl": null,
              "fundraiserURI": "https://sandbox.api.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraisers/v1/04c02572-8d5f-11e2-ad62-005056a8589d"