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Fundraiser details

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Fundraiser details

This API returns information about the pages a fundraiser has for a given resource ID.

The API also returns, for each page, a URI link to the fundraiser's page API which, if called, details the pages' donation totals.


Operation type: GET

Parameter Required Data type Description
resourceId True Varchar(36) This is the resource ID of the fundraiser.
api_key True Varchar (24) This is your key that allows you access to the VMG APIs.


Outcome Further information

The following will be returned if the fundraiser exists:

  • Status 200: OK

Then fundraiser details in the following format:

  • Name
  • Fundraiser resource id
  • Fundraiser personal URL i.e. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/{url}

Then a list of their pages. For each page you'll see:

  • Page name
  • Link to fundraiser page
  • Page closed indicator
  • URL to small fundraiser image
  • URL to medium fundraiser image
  • URL to large fundraiser image

Sample error:

If no fundraiser exists for the resource ID passed, the following error will be returned:

  • Error code: 001.02.004
  • Error message: No fundraiser page found for supplied search criteria {resource ID}

Click here for a full list of API error codes.

Response description

Data item Data type Description
fundraiserName Varchar(122) This is the title, first and last name of the fundraiser.
title Varchar(20) This is the title of the fundraiser – Mr, Mrs etc.
forename Varchar(50) The first name of the fundraiser.
surname Varchar(50) The last name of the fundraiser.
resourceId Varchar(36) This is the resource ID of the fundraiser.
personalUrl Varchar(45) This is the URL for the fundraiser's VMG account, which will show any fundraising pages they have.
fundraiserURI Varchar(45) This is the API link to the fundraiser in the VMG system.
Repeats for each fundraising page the fundraiser has:
pageName Varchar(45) This is the name of the specific fundraising page and is distinct from any others in the same account.
pageUrl Varchar(100) This is the API link to the specific fundraising page.
pageClosedIndicator Varchar(1) This is set to ‘Y’ if the page is closed and ‘N’ if it is open.
teamPage Varchar(5) This is set to ‘true’ for team pages and ‘false’ for individual pages.
pageImageSmall Varchar(100) This is the link to the small fundraiser image.
pageImageMedium Varchar(100) This is the link to the medium fundraiser image.
pageImageLarge Varchar(100) This is the link to the large fundraiser image.

XML response example

    <fundraiserName>Mr John Smith</fundraiserName>
            <pageName>John Smith's fundraising page</pageName>

JSON response example

    "fundraiserName": "Mr John Smith",
    "title": "Mr",
    "forename": "John",
    "surname": "Smith",
    "resourceId": "6397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e",
    "personalUrl": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MyNewWebAddress",
    "fundraiserURI": "https://api.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraisers/v1/account/6397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e",
    "pageSummary": [{
        "pageName": "John Smith's fundraising page",
        "pageUrl": "https://api.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraisers/v1/account/6397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e/pages/3",
        "pageClosedIndicator": "N",
        "teamPage": true,
        "teamName": null,
        "pageImageSmall": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/74x926397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e.jpg",
        "pageImageMedium": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/100x1006397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e.jpg",
        "pageImageLarge": "http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/resources/fundraiser-images/167x1876397a698-b702-11e2-aba0-00237d9ded4e.jpg"