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Useful information

Virgin Money Giving has closed

Page and account creation APIs are now unavailable so please consider your use of our APIs and how this affects you. All other APIs will be available until 18 February. If you have any questions please take a look at our Q&A.

Read our Q&A

Useful information

A few notes and some helpful info to get you started with our APIs.

Test fundraiser and charity cases

You are free to use our sandbox site at http://uk.sandbox.virginmoneygiving.com to create new fundraisers in the same way as on our live site. You can then call the details of these cases with an API call to the sandbox URL. Similarly you can create new fundraiser accounts and pages via API and then use the sandbox front end to validate their existence.

You can also search for charities and events from the front page of the sandbox to use as test cases for your development. If you would like a specific charity or event test case added to the sandbox please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

If you want to get started in the sandbox environment straight away, feel free to use the resource IDs for the following test cases:

Resource type Name Resource ID
Charity Charity1 bd005103-c5a9-429c-bc0c-2a0418c5a26b
Event Open Event Number 6 08b215f3-2990-4637-be60-ecba4d8b042e
Event Open Event Number 5 36a1e003-3b14-45df-938c-cc46c29cac10
Event Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 687bb250-6a95-4dd6-9ed8-7073f1018366

Test credit card details

Please use these test card details to make dummy donations to pages created in the sandbox environment.

Card Type Card Number Expiry date (MM/YY) Start Date CV2 AVS
Visa 4008 8000 0000 0015 12/16 Any 3 digits

API key

Each API call requires an API key and this needs to be passed in the API call e.g. ?apikey={your API key}


The format of the request and response can be via JSON or XML.

To specify JSON you can either:

Include .json in the API call or specify Accept application/json in the header.

To specify XML you can either:
Include .xml in the API call or specify Accept application/xml in the header.


For APIs calling our production environment use:

Calls are paired with our live site http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com

For APIs calling our sandbox environment use:

Calls are paired with our test site http://uk.sandbox.virginmoneygiving.com


The following is used to access our APIs:

API servcies and methods

Our APIs are grouped into 3 services – events, charities and fundraisers – each having a number of methods.


Event search /search
Event summarised /account/{resourceId}/summary
Event summarised /account/{resourceId}/charitysummary/{charityResourceId}
Event fundraisers /account/{resourceId}/pages
Event fundraisers /account/{resourceId}/charities/{charityResourceId}/pages


Charity search /search
Charity details /account/{resourceId}
Charity fundraisers /account/{resourceId}/pages


Fundraiser details /account/{resourceId}
Fundraiser page details /account/{resourceId}/pages/{pageUrl}
Country codes /countries
Activity codes /activities
Address lookup /postcode/{postcode}
Fundraiser search /search
Validate personal URL /urls/{url}
Validate team URL /urls/teams/{url}
Create fundraiser account /newaccount
Create fundraiser page /account/secure/{resourceId}/newpage